5 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

Most Expensive Wedding Gown

You may be wondering around and talk to yourself that how could someone spend lots of money on wedding dress only, but have you ever think that wedding is the most happiest and unforgettable moment of couple’s life? It depend on choice and how you choose for yourself. Let show some of the most expensive wedding dresses below.

1: Diamond Wedding Gown

This wedding dress worth $12 million. It is produced with diamond stone which sparkle whenever the celebrant turn or move to. With this uniqueness, producers is not ready to sell because it’s used in promoting other items in the display room.

2: Yumi Kutsura Wedding Dress

Kutsura is well known in the world of craftsmanship with over 50 years experience. The color combination of this dress of this wedding dress is a great option when organizing elite wedding party. The price for this dress is $8.5 million.

3: Peacock Wedding Dress

This dress is purely natural with no doubt. Everyone know that peacock is most expensive and unique among the birds which makes this gown different among other wedding dress. It’s worth $1.5 million.

4: Danasha Wedding Dress

The price tag for this dress is also $1.5 million which is Unveiled in 2010. It is made clear to the work by the designer that it can cause scenarios you always dreamt of. It has costume that make dazzling.

5: Crystal Wedding Gown

It is one of the most expensive wedding dress, it is worn by Victoria Swarovski.. It command of $1 million, it is designed to catch the attention of the guests by a lots of the crystal around it.

You may go for any of these dresses above depending on the pocket and style you want. But remember wedding is an Occasion usually once in lifetime and talk about it years time to come. You can also check pouted for more with beautiful and lots of article about the wedding dress

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