men shoe that suit your casual and formal wears

Amazing Facts About Loafers Shoes

men shoe that suit your casual and formal wears

Most men either a businessmen, lecturer, CEOs have different pairs of shoe like Oxford, Derbies, monk strap etc.

Mostly when you cover yourself with casual and formal wears, the first thing people sight in you is your shoe even if you are wearing the same cloth you wore a day before.

So have you ever try loafer shoes before? trust me, it will be lovely if you try it once and see the beauty of the shoe. Loafers are kind of shoes that bridges between the formal and casual form and mostly it goes for casual and also it is a American style.

Let take a look at the features and anatomy of loafer shoes :


Loafer are very hard to build unlike Derbies, Oxford, Chikka because it has different parts to put together in a single one or categories.

The first part we will like to look at is that loafers do no have lace instead they have saddle, tassel and bit or bow. The expose ankle of a loafer is place where the stiffener and taping part is located, the top-line is low which allow the shoe to slip on and off. The seam on upper part of loafers is a key features which create an apron effect on the upper part.And finally loafers has a low hell and separate sole unlike mocasin .


There are two main story about the loafer, the first one talks about the first origin by Wild Smith in London in 1926, where he made shoes for King George IV in his palace which is indoor and later became popular among the businessmen.

The second story was started in Norway in Aurland town by Gregoriusson Tveranger. And after then he was opportune to visit America and saw the design of Mocassins made by Iroquois in 19th century. When he returned to Norway, he designed new shoe based on mucassins and other shoes already in Norway. By 1930 Gregoriusson Tveranger exported the shoes to America and transform it to different directions and designs.

some popular types of loafers and how they came around:


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Penny loafer was made in 1930s in America by G.H Bass shoes company and popular in 1950s among Ivy league students.


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Tassel loafers was established in 1950s and very popular among the university student in East Coast and also became businessmen and lawyer. Tassel loafers are with tassel ornament on the vamp of the shoes which make it different from others.


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Horsebit loafers is also known as Gucci loafers because it display metallic on the top of the vamp. It was made by Gucci fashion company in 1953 but it’s already exist in Florence.


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This type of loafers is similar to penny loafers because it has same stitching from each side of vamp. They look mature on pair of jeans and business casual look.

Other type of loafers are evolved in different directions and company or designers have had a lot of fun adding different types of ornament to them.


Loafers are classic shoes that every man must have or own, whether you are a businessmen, going to office, students, on a date and many more, it is best for this situations. It is easy to wear either with socks or without socks and very simple.

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