best way of wearing bracelets

Best Tips On How To Stack Bracelets

Bracelets has been a very popular materials for decades which is very common among Asians, Indians and some parts of the globe. It comprehend the beauty of the wearers and make them look stunning. Now let take a look at some tips to guide you in wearing bracelets.

1: Simple And Small

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If you are the type that just started wearing or using bracelets I will advise you to start with something small and simple. You can be wearing two or three bracelets with common design( for example, bangles that carrying the same color) and also buy a set of bracelets that are matching, tiny and plain bangles for a start, then gradually you can move to the next style of your choices.

2: Choose A Focal Point

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When pick or go for bracelets, you have to look for something that is in Central of interest, the one that will call the attention of people towards you and also by doing thus it will be so exciting look too.

3: Mix Different Types

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In wearing your bracelets, you have to experiment on the colors and the kind of materials. For example like me now, I love to wear thick bangles with beaded bracelet or if you like you can choose a rubber bracelets with some metals.

4: Check For Their Arrangement

When you have different kind of bracelets either thick, plain or tiny, the arrangement matter most, with this it will make it assemble on your hand and look perfect. You can carry out some experiments yourself by putting them on a placement, put them in their order, if it suit your taste put it on the way you arranged them. For example, If you place tiny bangle immediately after thicker one it will not balance as you want but if place thicker one beside each other then the tiny one, it will give you a balance look around your arm.


It is very important to know what gives you best look. When you want to choose bracelets, you need to consider certain things like is you arm long or short? If you are the type with longer arm, put on the thinker bangles and if you have short arm, put on tiny bangles which makes your arm longer. You do not need to worrying on how to wear bracelets or follow severe rules as long as pick something that is interesting, then develop your taste on it.

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