Stunning Handbag? Merge Sherwood: New Accessories label

Stunning Handbag That Matches Your Outings

Merge Sherwood is a very successful businesswomen also a brand name of handbag. She was hailing in Korea and the accessories was founded by Duo Sungeun Um and Soonyoung Kim.

The brand is existing in the mood and has hint of heritage as well. Their brand is available at the top retailer across the world like Moda Operandi, Nordstrom and Farfetch.

Merge Sherwood has passion about luxury, fashion magazine since she was 13 years old when she saw a pair of vintage denim jeans in a fashion magazine which make her mind attached to it, she look for the jeans but couldn’t find it and make a choice of making it herself, where she rub and cut her jeans by sandpaper’ Some of her friend saw the jean with her and make them seeking advice from since then on fashion.

For this reason, she started her business to make it princely and high quality bag at affordable prices.

This line of the business appeal to women who desire about fashion, style and luxurious because it’s wearable and practical materials. The style of the bag and value make their customers to connect to their product because it reaches their satisfaction.

In conclusion; passion, ambitious and been creative make Merge Sherwood been part of the top industry in the world. When you are creative, walk through it with honesty and dedications makes your efforts become the and accepted.

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